February 22, 2024

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Custom Audi RS4 Avant Is Ready To Go On A Safari

The initial Audi RS4 Avant was introduced in 1999 as the successor to the mighty Audi RS2 Avant. Just like its predecessor, it was accessible only as a station wagon, earning a actually exclusive presenting on the sector. With just about 6,000 models manufactured and sent globally, it was a scarce fowl, much too.

Probably not many of you know that the first-gen RS4 Avant was also exported to some Asian marketplaces. We really do not know the correct range of examples offered in Japan, while we know at minimum a person of these cars is still alive. And it seems to be very little like the initial car.

The video at the top of this report tells the tale of a JDM RS4 Avant, imported into the United States. In the beginning, it was offered to an aftermarket corporation, which stanced the fast wagon and gave it significant wheels. Finally, the car was offered to its present-day operator, who had a extremely distinct vision of what it should really glance like.

Enter what is most likely the world’s first (and only) RS4 Avant Allroad B5. The create was commissioned by its present-day operator, who lives in Massachusetts and wishes to generate a quick car yr all around. With an open up checkbook, customized store AI Layout established this safari model of the RS4 Avant with lifted suspension, distinct matte black end, and right winter season tires.

In the video, Matt Farah drives the car all around a observe but it is much from staying a typical observe session. The observe is moist, the outdoors temperature is low, and there are patches of snow and ice all all around, but the all-wheel-generate wagon is attacking the corners at a very good pace. That is what you get when you mix a quick 4×4 Audi with off-road updates.

In the next half of the video, you can be part of Farah who visits AI Design’s store for a comprehensive walkaround tour of the tuned RS4.