July 24, 2024

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Hennessey Installs Custom Exhaust On Corvette C8 For Extra 21 Wheel HP

Hennessey highlights its stainless steel exhaust for the Chevrolet Corvette C8 that can make the sports motor vehicle sound a total lot meaner in this video clip. You will find also a likelihood to see the labor required to put in the new pipes.

The new cat-again exhaust weighs all-around 10 lbs . (four.fifty four kilograms) considerably less than the stock device. It also allegedly frees up about 21 horsepower (sixteen kilowatts) and 19 pound-ft (26 Newton-meters) of electricity at the wheels. These figures are fairly extraordinary, and Hennessey has a video clip (down below) displaying a dyno operate to substantiate the promises.


Hennessey states that an personal could put in the exhaust by themself, but judging by this video clip, you’re going to want obtain to a carry just before seeking it. Getting the areas to a specialist with the proper tools is looks like a smarter final decision. There are heaps of bolts to take away in challenging-to-achieve spots, and the entire rear fascia has to come off.

When the function is carried out, the new exhaust has a lightly polished end with round shops. The curving shape of the pipes makes an area in the heart in which the two arches meet up with, and Hennessey adds its emblem to this area.

As opposed to the stock set up, the Hennessey exhaust has a lot far more bass to its sound. Even as the revs climb, the sounds under no circumstances really gains a lot of a large-pitched observe.

Hennessey plans to make 1,000 units of this exhaust for 2020-2021. The corporation is setting up all-around twenty of them per 7 days, so the tuner estimates 3 to 4 weeks for shipping and delivery. 

The to start with 100 units of the stainless steel exhaust are $two,995. After that, the selling price rises to $3,495.