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Honda launches next generation Honda SENSING Elite safety system with Level 3 automated driving features

Honda launches next generation Honda SENSING Elite safety system with Level 3 automated driving features

  • Honda launches new Honda SENSING Elite basic safety technique
  • Fitted to Honda Legend Hybrid EX accessible for lease in Japan
  • Honda SENSING Elite options ‘Traffic Jam Pilot’ operate, to start with Degree 3 automatic technological innovation to be identified by Japanese authorities
  • Other options incorporate ‘Hands-off’ and ‘Emergency Halt Assist’


Honda Motor Co., Ltd. will get started lease product sales in Japan, on March five, 2021, of the Honda Legend EX outfitted with Honda SENSING Elite.


In its exertion to realise a collision-free of charge society primarily based on its world wide basic safety slogan, “Safety for Everybody,” Honda has extended been at the forefront of the analysis and growth of basic safety systems. The introduction of Legend outfitted with the Honda SENSING Elite signifies the future stage ahead in the spot of superior basic safety technological innovation.


Honda SENSING Elite builds on the features of Honda SENSING, which is fitted as typical through Honda’s European automobile selection.


A person of the “elite” systems featured is the “Traffic Jam Pilot” operate, an superior technological innovation qualifying for Degree 3 automatic driving (conditional automatic driving in constrained spot), for which Honda has been given kind designation from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transportation and Tourism (MLIT)*1. Website traffic Jam Pilot technological innovation allows the automatic driving technique to generate the vehicle beneath certain situations, rather of the driver, these types of as when the vehicle is in congested traffic on an expressway*two.


For vehicle command, the technique decides the place of the vehicle and highway situations making use of details from the 3-dimensional substantial-definition maps and the world wide navigation satellite technique (GNSS*3), detecting the vehicle’s 360-degree environment making use of numerous external sensors. At the similar time, the technique tracks the situations of the driver making use of the monitoring digicam mounted inside the vehicle. Centered on these types of a large selection of information and facts, the major Eu would make good recognitions, predictions and choices and applies a substantial-stage command to acceleration, braking and steering inputs to support the driver to attain substantial-high-quality and easy driving.


Positioning the greatest priority on basic safety and dependability, the technique growth employed simulations wherever a full of approximately ten million pattens of possible true-earth circumstances were being simulated, and numerous demonstration assessments were being carried out although driving exam autos on expressways for a full of approximately 1.3 million kilometers (800,000 miles). Moreover, the technique incorporates redundant technique style to ensure basic safety and dependability in the function of a trouble with any of the products.


Exterior equipment developed completely for this all-new Legend product includes blue accent lights and a dedicated aluminium wheel. Quite a few sensors are embedded to make them much less visible so that an visual appearance befitting a flagship sedan are even further improved although discreetly contacting out the fact that it is a vehicle outfitted with automatic driving equipment.


Inside equipment exclusive to this product includes Honda SENSING Elite indicator lights which aspect diligently picked respective positions, dimensions, colors, brightness and other details, as perfectly as the 12.3-inch total-Liquid crystal display graphic meter. This equipment was adopted to ensure intuitive being familiar with of operation status, recent circumstance, and any requests to transfer back again command to the driver.


Key options of Honda SENSING Elite


‘Hands-off’ Performance


Whilst driving with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with Lower-Velocity Abide by and Lane Maintaining Support Method (LKAS) activated, when certain situations are happy on an expressway, the technique will support the driving operations even although the driver has their arms off the steering wheel.


  • Adaptive in Lane Driving:


The technique assists the driving and in subsequent a vehicle in front inside a lane. The technique drives the vehicle together the center of the lane although sustaining the pre-established vehicle speed. When there is a vehicle in front, the technique assists in subsequent although sustaining a good subsequent length.


  • Energetic Lane Adjust Support with Fingers-off Function


Whilst driving making use of the Adaptive in Lane Driving, when the driver confirms safe environment and puts on the switch signal, the technique assists acceleration/deceleration and steering for the lane adjust.


  • Energetic Lane Adjust with Fingers-off Function


Whilst driving making use of the Adaptive in Lane Driving, when the driver switches on the Energetic Lane Adjust with Fingers-off Function, the technique assesses the circumstance and assists the lane adjust and/or passing of the other vehicle beneath certain situations. When the technique detects a vehicle in front getting driven at low speed, the technique notifies the driver and then assists the passing and returning to the authentic lane.


Website traffic Jam Pilot


Whilst driving making use of the Adaptive in Lane Driving, when the vehicle will get caught in traffic congestion beneath certain situations, the technique will take command of acceleration, braking and steering although monitoring the vehicle’s environment on behalf of the driver. The technique drives, stops, and resumes driving inside the similar lane although sustaining a good subsequent length in accordance with the speed of the vehicle in front. Whilst the vehicle is beneath the command of the technique, the driver can enjoy television/DVD on the navigation display or function the navigation technique to search for a location handle, which will help mitigate driver exhaustion and strain although driving in a traffic jam.



When the driver proceeds to be unresponsive to the system’s requests for a handover (the transfer of command back again to the driver), the technique assists deceleration and halting of the vehicle by building lane adjust(s) to the outermost lane or the shoulder of the highway. To be much more certain, in situation the driver does not react to the system’s handover requests as the Website traffic Jam Pilot/Fingers-off Function will be disengaged, the technique even further urges the driver to react to the handover ask for making use of visible, auditory and tactile alerts which include escalated alarm appears and vibration on the driver’s seatbelt. If the driver proceeds to be unresponsive, the technique will support deceleration and halting of the vehicle although alerting other autos about making use of hazard lights and the horn. When there is a highway shoulder, the technique assists deceleration and lane alterations till the vehicle reaches the shoulder of the highway for a safe prevent. *4


Human-Equipment Interface (HMI)


The interface allows the driver to instantaneously acknowledge operating status of the technique, the driving circumstance and the handover requests issued by the technique. Honda SENSING Elite indicator lights are positioned on the steering wheel, the major element of the navigation display and glovebox. When the Fingers-off Function is activated, the indicator light-weight on the steering wheel illuminates, and when Website traffic Jam Pilot is activated other indicator lights also arrive on with a blue light-weight. When the technique requests the handover, all indicator lights adjust their coloration to orange and blink to deliver an simple-to-have an understanding of information to the driver. The large 12.3-inch, total-Liquid crystal display meter also shows the operating status of the technique, driving circumstance and the handover requests in a easy nevertheless expressive fashion.


Constrained lease product sales of the Honda Legend Hybrid EX start in Japan from five March.


*1  Reception of the kind designation was announced on November 11. 2020.

     Please refer to the push launch: https://world wide.honda/newsroom/information/2020/4201111eng.html

*2  There is a restrict to the capabilities (e.g. recognition functionality and command functionality) of individual features of Honda SENSING Elite. Please do not overestimate the capabilities of each and every Honda SENSING Elite operate and generate safely although having to pay regular attention to your environment. Please stay in situation wherever you can react to the handover ask for issued by the technique, and straight away resume driving on the handover ask for.

*3  GNSS stands for World Navigation Satellite Method, a collective identify for satellite positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) techniques.

*4  Dependent on the circumstance, the technique could prevent the vehicle without having building lane adjust(s).


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