April 19, 2024

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The Best and Only Snow Brush You’ll Ever Need For Your Car

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It’s getting colder up here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means that many of you fine readers will soon be blessed with one of motoring’s greatest boons: snow. The white powdery mix provides a chance for you to slide your car around at safe speeds, get sideways through a parking lot, practice your tail-out car control — it’s fantastic. Fresh snowfall means a fresh chance for automotive shenanigans. But for too many of you, snow seems like a drag.

I get it. You have to warm your car up before it gets comfortable, and you have to brush and scrape all that pesky snow and ice from your roof, hood, trunk, and windows before you can set out. But what if I told you that there was a better way? A tool that made clearing your car not only simple, but even enjoyable? My friends, I present to you: the only good snow brush.

Image for article titled This is the Best and Only Snow Brush You'll Ever Need For Your Car

This, dear reader, is the SubZero 53″ Arctic-Force Snowbroom — but the make and model don’t really matter. You’ll find this exact design from all manner of manufacturers, in every branded colorway you can imagine. Lowe’s blue, Rain-X yellow, Advance Auto Parts red, it’s all the same form and function beneath those pretty colors. I’ve owned more than one of the scrapers listed here, and I can tell you they’re more or less functionally identical.

The function, though, is what sets these apart from lesser scrapers. See, you may be used to the traditional scraper-and-brush design: an inflexible, slightly-curved piece of cheap plastic, with a molded-in scraper at the top and a brush down the side. It’s a design as old as dirt, and it should be just as unwelcome in your trunk. See, there’s something crucial that those grocery-store options lack: articulation.

Our fancy-pants snow broom changes its shape in two different ways. The first is by extension — a selection of lengths, allowing you to match the width of your vehicle push snow all the way across your roof in one smooth stroke. The second is rotation, allowing the brush-and-foam head to stay inline with your handle (for wiping downwards on a windshield) or latch perpendicular to it (for brushing off those wide expanses of roofs and hoods). The hard scraper, located on the complete other end of the broom, is never in the way — and never going to accidentally mar your paint.

These points of motion also allow our broom to pack up small, meaning it won’t take up too much room in your trunk. The foam grips keep your hands isolated from the cold metal in winter as well — certainly nice when you aren’t wearing gloves. All the practicality of a massive perpendicular-head broom, with the storage needs of a tiny gas station special. That’s thoughtful engineering right there.

Now, I did say that there’s only one good snow brush, but I will take the time to name an honorable mention. The snow broom has a sister product, called a “Crossover Broom Avalanche Blade.” Its brush head is a marked downgrade, losing out on its entire foam side, but it gains the advantage of a curved center section — definitely nice to have, if you’re a shorter person clearing the roof of a taller vehicle.

So, this winter, don’t muddle through with the same old cheap piece of plastic snow-removing crap. Invest in the extending, rotating snow brush instead. You’ll spend less time clearing your car off, and you’ll do a better job too — your hands, feet, paint, and fellow drivers on the road will thank you.