This Little-Known Mitsubishi EV Is Still On The Market

Do you try to remember the Mitsubishi i-MiEV? Yeah, that odd small electric car that was imported into the United States for a few many years. Mitsubishi killed it off back in 2017 for the US market, but substantially to our surprise, the company even now sells it in other parts of the earth. The i-MiEV, which stands for Mitsubishi impressive Electric Car, was currently out of day when it arrived in the US back in 2011, so we cannot envision purchasing one in 2020.

In accordance to Nikkei Asia, Mitsubishi will stop production of the i-MiEV at the conclusion of their 2020 fiscal yr. Mitsubishi launched the car back in 2009, and even with above a ten years of income, the Japanese automaker only managed to shift all-around 32,000 units, with all-around two,108 of all those coming to the US market. For reference, the Nissan Leaf has bought additional than five hundred,000 units considering that its introduction in 2010. But that also can make the i-MiEV a collectable novelty that’s confident to seize focus at the regional cars and coffee.