Vehicle theft in the UK surges by 56{0764260a27b4b31ca71a8adf79c3ae299a61e6f062052eee3f0df84ce9b30ade} in four years

The variety automobiles stolen in Wonderful Britain has risen by 56 for every cent around the area of four a long time, new info from police forces has disclosed. 

In the 2018/19 financial yr, 152,541 motor automobiles have been stolen in Wonderful Britain, up from 97,609 in 2014/fifteen, according to figures produced from all but three of Wonderful Britain’s police forces.

The info, acquired by RAC Insurance policy underneath the Flexibility of Details Act, problems all varieties of motorised automobile, with raising incidents of moped and motorbike theft partly at the rear of the rise. The RAC warned drivers, however, that keyless theft stays a worry, and keys must be held properly away from doors, and in Faraday pouches. 

Kent Police observed the major enhance in the variety of stolen automobiles around the four-yr period, with 12,550 thefts in 2014/fifteen, and 40,726 in 2018/19. Next was London’s Metropolitan Police, which observed thefts leap from 9,635 to thirty,773. West Midlands Police’s numbers, in the meantime, jumped from five,677 to ten,372.

Suffolk Police recorded the major percentage enhance around the four-yr period, up 172 for every cent, from 347 to 945. Surrey Police also observed a huge rise, with automobile thefts climbing 133 for every cent, from 661, to one,543.

The only three police forces that reported a reduction in the variety of automobile thefts amongst 2014-fifteen and 2018-19 have been Lincolnshire, Town of London and Police Scotland – down by 29, 29 and 473 thefts respectively.

Of the police forces who responded to the FoI ask for, 32 also observed automobile theft go up amongst 2017-eighteen and 2018-19. As soon as all over again, Kent Police observed the major rise in conditions of numbers –  up by 2,575 – followed by Essex and then West Midlands.

Suffolk Police also observed the maximum percentage bounce around this 1-yr period, up forty four for every cent from 655 to 945. Bedfordshire was 2nd, up 37 for every cent, followed by North Wales with 32 for every cent.

RAC Insurance policy spokesperson Simon Williams commented: “While automobile criminal offense is at much lessen levels these days than it was in the early nineteen nineties – thanks to enhancements in automobile security – and the variety of automobiles accredited to be driven on the UK’s streets is larger than at any point in the previous, it is nevertheless relating to that so lots of additional automobiles are being stolen than just a several a long time in the past.”

He additional: “Some of the improves in latest a long time can be put down to a rise in thefts of automobiles that are less complicated to steal, these as motorbikes and mopeds that are less very likely to have immobilisers. Federal government info also shows that intruders frequently use keys to accessibility automobiles in about fifty percent of crimes, which implies probably some drivers could do additional to preserve their keys protected. And in an estimated fifth of instances (eighteen for every cent in 2018), intruders have been capable to accessibility vehicles mainly because 1 or additional vehicles weren’t locked in the first location.”

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