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1991 Geo Metro LSi Convertible

Beginning in 1985, Typical Motors brought more than Suzuki Cultuses and offered them below with Chevrolet Sprint badges, which Americans bought in amazingly massive quantities (contemplating the crash in gas rates close to that time). When the time came for The Typical to launch a individual manufacturer selling rebadged Japanese machines— Geo— the second-generation Cultus became the Geo Metro. Sporting a gas-sipping 3-cylinder engine, the Metro primarily offered to penny-pinchers fascinated only in low cost commuting… but GM determined to make a fun convertible version, in any case. Here’s 1 of all those autos, lastly retired close to Denver at age thirty.

The 1991 Metro hierarchy started with the El Cheapo foundation and XFi types, at $six,795 (about $13,810 these days), then moved up to the superior-outfitted LSi. The LSi hatchback coupe expense $seven,795 ($15,840 in 2021), whilst the LSi convertible stood at the top rated of the Metro pyramid at $nine,740 ($19,795 now). Think it or not, Ford managed to undercut the 1991 Metro with its Mazda-created Festiva, priced at $six,620 in its cheapest kind.

You could invest in a Suzuki-badged version of this motor vehicle, recognised as the Swift, and the Swift GT had a screaming four-cylinder engine. 1995 and later Metros also had the option of a four-banger, but a 1.-liter 3-cylinder was the only engine out there in the 1991 Geo Metro. If you wished to get near to 60 highway miles per gallon, the Metro XFi had a specially-tuned 1. that delivered, however it sent a mere 49 horsepower to the front wheels (the very last new motor vehicle out there in the United States with beneath 50 horsepower— such as highway-authorized EVs— was the 1993 Metro XFi, by the way). The engine in today’s Junkyard Gem was rated at 55 horses.

A five-pace handbook transmission was standard gear in every single 1991 Metro, however a thoroughly miserable 3-pace slushbox could be had for $465 additional (about $945 these days). Mainly because most Metro prospective buyers wished gas economic system 1st and foremost, computerized Metros are unusual (however I have managed to find 1 in a boneyard).

How several full miles? The five-digit odometer indicates we are going to in no way know.

The 1991 Metro convertible came from Japan, but all the other folks offered below that calendar year had been created in Canada. Now, that plant builds the Chevy Equinox.

A new convertible for significantly less than ten grand was a steal in 1991, when a new Mercury Capri convertible expense $12,588. The Mazda Miata expense $13,800, Volkswagen’s Golfing Cabriolet started at $16,a hundred seventy five, the Ford Mustang convertible went for $16,222, the Chrysler LeBaron convertible expense $16,399, and so on. Actually, that Miata appears to be like the best fun-per-greenback deal of the whole ragtop bunch for 1991.

Surprisingly, 1991 Metro prospective buyers could get air conditioning (for 670 bucks, or close to $1,360 clams these days), but I’ve in no way located an early Metro with refrigerated air. This one does have the factory AM/FM/cassette Delco radio, at any charge.

The Metro became a Chevrolet with the dismantling of the Geo manufacturer immediately after 1997, and income ongoing via 2001.

How a lot? No way!

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