Audi A4 Reviews | Overview

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Soon after switching to Audi’s new naming policy and acquiring an tools improve in 2019, Audi’s ideal-at any time mid-sizer – the B9-generation A4 (and its extra seductive A5 cousin) – has been gifted a midlife makeover for 2020.


Visually, that indicates loads for the a little older A4 sedan and A4 Avant wagon than it does for the extra rakish A5 Sportback, Coupe and Cabriolet. 


Audi has altered almost each and every panel on both of those A4 body

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New 2020 Audi A3: prices and specs confirmed

Audi has quietly launched a full rate-record and specification for the fourth-era A3 on its official web site. The new design is accessible to order now, in both of those hatchback and saloon physique styles, with rates starting from £23,three hundred for the entry-amount Teknik design, climbing to £40,330 for the selection-topping Vorsprung variant.

The outgoing A3 is the oldest auto in the German brand’s recent line-up, but the alterations for this new design are not innovative. It calls for a properly trained eye to spot the distinctions outside but, at 1,820mm huge, this A3 has grown a honest little

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Audi e-tron SUV updated with fresh tech and tweaked trim-levels

Audi has introduced an current version of the all-electrical e-tron SUV, which has been outfitted with a array of technology and specification tweaks, as well as a revised trim-degree composition. 

The revised model array is readily available to order now, with selling prices setting up from £59,900 for the entry-degree 50 quattro variant.

Finest electrical automobiles on sale now

The most visible technology up grade for the e-tron is the addition of the Volkswagen Group’s hottest infotainment components, dubbed MIB three. Audi suggests it offers 10 times the processing power of its outgoing touchscreen and provides help for a

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Audi Q3 RS Q3 Reviews | Overview

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AUDI promises it invented the “Premium Compact Significant-General performance SUV” market with its first-at any time RS Q3, which introduced in Australia back in early 2014. And there is no doubting the accomplishment of this efficiency flagship, observing all around five hundred of them found residences listed here more than the subsequent 5 yrs. 


But the aged RS Q3 was never ever very all it could be. Riding on a circa-2003 system (the PQ35, a la Golfing Mk5/6) with an

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2021 Audi Q5 prices and expert review

A new experience and improved tech are just the get started for the 2021 Audi Q5. As the automaker’s ‘tweener crossover involving the scaled-down (but nonetheless major) Q3 and greater (and even greater) a few-row Q7, the Q5 is a segue to electrification-curious customers, and even some functionality-leaning customers.

Blunter: The 2021 Q5 desires to do a lot. It is a 6.four ahead of security is factored in, so this score may increase. (Examine more about how we charge cars.)

The information this calendar year is an update to its entrance and rear bumpers, along with a touchscreen

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