July 18, 2024

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2021 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Xago is all about the hexagons

Each individual modern-day-working day hypercar desires to have masses of restricted-creation specific editions. Even the most unique vehicles these as the Bugatti Chiron aren’t unique ample. And as a outcome of needing to satiate the need for specific hypercars, there are some odd restricted editions. The most up-to-date is the 2021 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Xago Edition. It is specific due to the fact of hexagons.

Effectively, it really is not just hexagons. It also celebrates Lamborghini’s Advertisement Personam customization application and the point that customers can now participate in the application virtually alternatively of flying out to Italy. As it so occurs, this specific Aventador can only be ordered by way of the digital model of the application.

So what is actually the connection amongst an on line customization application and hexagons? We have no plan. And the connection is far more tenuous when you see that Lamborghini states its hexagonal designs for the auto ended up motivated by the hexagonal clouds on Saturn’s north pole. Sure, you browse that ideal. Oh, and the name? We also you should not know, but it may possibly just be that they are the middle letters of Lamborghini’s design and style topic referred to as “hexagonita.”

Among the the hexagon information are silver designs that fade in and out on the paint. The inside upholstery characteristics a hexagonal sample all the way down, as well. Exterior of that, the buyer gets to decide the paint colors, which will also be reflected by contrast panels on the seats. In any other case, it really is a frequent Aventador SVJ, which is continue to very thrilling with a blistering Nürburgring lap time and 770 horsepower.

Only 10 of these hexagonal Aventadors will be designed, and that leaves us a bit vexed. Shouldn’t Lamborghini establish a selection of these vehicles divisible by six? A very gentle hex upon the human being that missed the prospect to sextuple down on the hexagon topic.

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