June 22, 2024

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A Tribute To Chanchal Pal Chauhan, Auto News, ET Auto

A Tribute To Chanchal Pal ChauhanBy Sudhir Rao, previous Chairman & MD, Skoda India

When Denver, my previous colleague, knowledgeable me of Chanchal’s passing absent, I was still left in a dazed shock, which released by itself as lonely tearful sobs. Chanchal was a fantastic friend for whom I had the utmost regard as an “aggressive but sincere and fair” journalist.

It dawned on me following my very first couple months at Skoda in 2012 that he was not section of any of our media interactions. On inquiring, I was instructed that he had been “blacklisted” by a senior colleague in the Team for a critical post he had penned.

A Tribute To Chanchal Pal ChauhanMore questions and data unveiled that his crafting, although unfavorable to the particular person/Team, was factually and analytically appropriate. We decided that, as far as Skoda was worried, we would undo this situation – leading to Chanchal’s and my robust bond given that then.

I revered, and strongly endorsed, his journalistic accountability and obligation to look for specifics and report fact, however unpleasant to the particular person or firm associated. He revered my expectation that he would normally look for our viewpoint right before arriving at his conclusions and what is off the document would stay so.