June 22, 2024

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Bertone Bounces Back To Life With Electric Supercar Teaser

By Dave Sorrendino, November 24, 2022

Bertone is one the most prestigious automotive styling and coach-building experts in the business. Or rather they were. Founded in 1912 by Giovani Bertone, the company has the Lamborghini Muira and Countach as two of their many signature creations. Bertone fell into bankruptcy in 2014, and new owners and licensing agreements later the company is reforged. Bertone hit social media networks with teaser images of the forthcoming big deal reveal.

Indeed Bertione has no shortage of design inspiration and the teaser image reveals a supercar with a mid-engine stance. We don’t actually know what the car is called or if it will be a battery-powered hyper EV with Lotus Evija matching benchmarks. Bertone could be making a combustion-hybrid.

We do know Bertone is owned by technology consultancy AKKA, the latter provides design and engineering services to the automotive industry. AKKA Technologies dabbles in other industries providing consultancy services in the aerospace, digital, energy, and life science industries.

So is Bertone a proving ground to showcase AKKA Technologies or is AKKA Technologies using Bertone to market its services to a wider global audience?

We’ll know more in due course, but in the meantime, Bertone is back.

Bertone springs back to life