July 18, 2024

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BMW launches geofencing for PHEVs in UK ULEZ cities | Automotive Industry News

ULEZs are shown on navigation screen

ULEZs are shown on navigation monitor

BMW is launching eDrive Zones in London and Birmingham. This is a new electronic support which automates the procedure of switching to electric powered-only ability when a plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV) enters a defined spot of these cities.

The support is identical to than declared recently for Ford’s Transit Tailor made PHEV which delivers the option of geofencing engineering to assist strengthen city air quality. Using are living area details, the PHEV instantly switches to electric powered generate method each time coming into predefined spots these types of as congestion and reduced-emission zones. The geofencing tech need not only implement to metropolis centres: operators can also develop ‘green zones’ to persuade reduced-emission driving in close proximity to colleges, playgrounds and warehouses. When the vehicle leaves a controlled zone, it instantly switches to the most appropriate generate method for the subsequent stage of its vacation.

BMW claimed its method also instantly makes certain electric powered ability is conserved for use during the component of the journey within just the reduced emission zone, if the journey spot is entered into the vehicle’s navigation method.

“This is the overall flexibility that customers want, as they make the transition to electromobility,” claimed Pieter Nota, BMW board member for customer, manufacturers, gross sales.

“We urge governments to prioritise plug-in hybrid cars in order to persuade consumers to are living a more sustainable life-style.”

The eDrive Zones support, is standard on BMW PHEVs with the latest Functioning System seven. and, like Ford’s method, works by using geo-fencing engineering by way of GPS within just the vehicle’s navigation method. The eDrive Zones in London and Birmingham are highlighted graphically on the vehicle’s navigation screen so drivers can see their area.

This element, enabled in customer cars as of seven August, covers the same geographic spot as the TFL Congestion Cost/ULEZ zone in London while in Birmingham it covers the city’s planned Clean Air Zone which is thanks to be applied in 2021. BMW ideas to introduce this engineering in extra cities throughout the United kingdom and Eire in the upcoming.

The eDrive Zones has also been designed available by way of a totally free in excess of the air application update for compatible BMW PHEVs, this means current customers can also profit from the engineering.

In an early trial of the engineering, carried out in the Netherlands in 2018, 90{0764260a27b4b31ca71a8adf79c3ae299a61e6f062052eee3f0df84ce9b30ade} of all routes within just the trial zone in Rotterdam had been driven in electric powered-only method.