April 18, 2024

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Dacia introduces new Bi-Fuel LPG powertrain on all UK models

Dacia has introduced a new manufacturing unit-fitted dual-gas petrol and liquid petroleum fuel (LPG) powertrain, which will be out there on every single design the model now sells in Britain.

The new motor is known as Bi-Gasoline, and contains a new 1.-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol motor that can operate on both equally petrol and LPG. It is capable to switch amongst the two fuels at the touch of a button on the dashboard.

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Dacia claims that the new powertrain will provide enhanced performance owing to far more torque and decreased gas costs for customers – an typical of £594 a calendar year dependent on the typical mileage of Sandero Stepway prospective buyers – even though also providing reduced emissions.

That is crucial for Dacia, as the finances-oriented Renault sub-model now sells no hybrid products by any means, yet ought to meet up with stringent new fleet CO2 targets of 95g/km by next calendar year, or deal with significant fines from the European Union.

In the Sandero, the new powertrain is capable of 39.8mpg with CO2 emissions of 116g/km, even though a Duster Bi-Gasoline can do 35.3mpg with 129g/km coming out of the exhaust when working with LPG – a reduction of close to 11 for every cent. 

In all Bi-Gasoline products, a new LPG tank – 32 litres in the Sandero and Logan MCV and 34 litres in the Duster – is fitted underneath the boot ground in which the spare wheel would in any other case be. It indicates that boot room in all Bi-Gasoline products is unaffected.

Charges for the Bi-Gasoline Sandero get started from £9,095, the Logan MCV is priced from £10,595, and the Duster kicks off from £12,895. 

At current, close to 1,four hundred of the UK’s eight,000 gas stations offer LPG, the typical nationwide price of which is 63p for every litre – close to fifty percent that of petrol.

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