Dodge Challenger, Charger Hellcats get Brass Monkey wheels again

For the first part of 2020, Dodge removed the option of its Devils Rim aluminum

For the first part of 2020, Dodge removed the option of its Devils Rim aluminum wheel design in Brass Monkey finish for the Hellcat-powered Challenger and Charger models. Mopar Insiders reports the wheels will return to the menu once Dodge starts production of its two muscle cars again, tidings to please forum members asking why they couldn’t order the rims. The standard fit on the regular cars is a 20-inch Low Gloss Black Performance wheel, the options either a 20-inch Machined w/Granite Pocket wheel or a 20-inch Matte Vapor SRT aluminum wheel. On the widebody cars, standard fit is a 20-inch Carbon Black Aluminum wheel, one option being a 20-inch Warp Speed Granite wheel that’s the same design as the Matte Vapor but with a different finish. The 20-inch Brass Monkeys are the second option on widebody versions of the Charger Hellcat and Hellcat Redeye, replacing the 20-inch Matte Vapor SRT Aluminum rim available on the non-widebody.  

Those choices are on the Dodge configurator. At the time of writing, what’s missing from the online tool are the Brass Monkey options for the standard Challengers and the Charger Hellcat Widedody models that MI says are coming. The wider versions of the Challenger Hellcat bolt on a set of 20-inchers that are 11 inches wide; we’re told the standard cars will offer Brass Monkey rims in 20 x 9.5 inches. The Charger Hellcat only comes in two widebody versions, so it should get the 20×11-inch Brass Monkey wheels, but the options haven’t showed up on the configurator. The sole choices at the moment are the Carbon Black Aluminum and Warp Speed Granite wheels. The other difference to note is that wheres the optional wheels on the Challenger all cost $1,095, the Charger’s upgrades cost $1,295.

Whenever production begins in Brampton, Ontario, again, the coveted wheels will bring another extra with them: Exterior badges done in a Black and Dark Bronze finish.

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