Ford will introduce new Ranger on November 24 | Car News

The current generation of the Ford Ranger is relatively new to our market, but in reality, it’s an aging model. Indeed, though Ford introduced the current generation of the mid-size pickup to North America in 2019, it has been around since the early 2010s elsewhere in the world.

We knew, therefore, that a new generation would not be long in coming. Now, here we are. And this time, the model will be the same everywhere across the continents, more or less at the same time. The official product presentation will take place on November 24.

“Our research showed that, no matter the market, customers were aligned with what a Ranger should be, both in terms of the way it needs to look and the way it needs to make them feel. This was a really clarifying moment for us.”

– Ranger chief designer Max Tran

It’s expected the pickup will get styling more in harmony with the other trucks in the Ford lineup. The Ranger is the middle child of that lineup, sitting between the F-150 and the new Maverick. A Raptor version is also in the works; no word yet on exactly that variant will be ready.

We’re also expecting a Ranger offered in different configurations, including a choice of beds and cabs. Ford teaser images have previewed bits and pieces of the pickup, for instance a roll bar in the body, perfect for adding accessories such as additional headlights for off-roading.

2023 Ford Ranger, profile

Mechanically, it’s fairly likely we’ll find the same turbocharged engine up front as before, a 2.3L 4-cylinder that currently offers 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque and allows for 7,500 lb of towing. A possible Raptor version could benefit from a more powerful V6 engine. Once again, caution is advised on this front: we’ll have to see what will be presented for Europe and for our market; it’s clear that there will be differences in the various markets.

In the meantime, Ford has shared a video (above) explaining how the company approached the design of a truck conceived to help with preserving the planet. Interesting.

We will come back to you with all the details when the model is presented on November 24.

2023 Ford Ranger, front