Here’s The Latest On A Possible Dodge Viper Comeback

The Dodge Viper was always the motor vehicle that never ought to have been. Small-slung, with a racey space body chassis, and motivated by a behemoth of a V10 motor – the remaining iterations of the motor vehicle packed a whopping 8.4 liters of displacement – the Viper was the pure, unfiltered essence of functionality.

And that, in a sense, is what did the motor vehicle in. As it truly is been described, the fifth-era Dodge Viper simply did not have the headroom in the cabin to accommodate side curtain airbags, which turned mandatory standard products in the US starting off in 2017. FCA could possibly have investigated increasing the Viper’s roofline to in good shape them, but such a alter would nearly surely have been prohibitively highly-priced.