July 20, 2024

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Hyundai’s Hot-Selling Palisade Has An Embarrassing Problem

The Hyundai Palisade continues to be a smashing income achievements for the South Korean automaker even during a world pandemic. This previous July, a overall of eight,404 Palisades had been shipped to buyers out of a overall of fifty seven,677 Hyundai automobiles sold that thirty day period. Just to review, four,464 Palisades had been sold in pre-pandemic July 2019. Extra than 44,000 Palisades have been sold so far this year. As Hyundai rightly celebrates this achievements, there is certainly seemingly an difficulty that Palisade entrepreneurs have been complaining about: the interiors stinks.

Some have described the scent as a combine of unwashed, sweaty socks and rotten vegetables. Today, there is certainly good news and lousy news pertaining to this subject matter.

The Travel reached out to Hyundai for a statement on the make a difference and, fortunately, the business is knowledgeable of the scent.