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Kia Sonet petrol and diesel detailed review and expected price

What is it?

Kia truly built a mark in the mid-dimension SUV area with the Seltos, and now, with its compact SUV the Sonet, it’s hunting for a different mega strike. Like the Seltos, the Sonet is an all-new product for Kia that built its world wide debut suitable below in India and will later on be bought in other marketplaces.

It shares a platform with the Hyundai Location, and even though you’d assume the Sonet to sense the similar from driving the wheel, the two Korean firms choose a quite divergent approach with their platform sharing. Unlike the badge-engineered or mild-facelift alterations we have viewed some others choose for, Hyundai and Kia have built guaranteed their shared products have tiny in widespread. The exteriors and interiors bear no similarity, and both equally also sense a bit distinctive to generate, many thanks to refined alterations to the tuning of the engine and suspension.

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The Sonet could share its underpinnings with the Location, but it is quite distinctive to look at.

There are three engines (four if you rely two distinctive energy outputs for the diesel) and five gearboxes on supply (of course, that quite a few!) and they are supplied in five mixtures.An 83hp, 1.two-litre petrol mated to a 5-velocity guide, a 120hp, 1.-litre turbo petrol mated to a seven-velocity DCT automobile or a six-velocity iMT (clutchless guide), and a 1.5-litre diesel that places out 100hp when coupled to a six-velocity guide.

The shock is the 1.5 diesel with a six-velocity torque-converter automobile that has its energy bumped up to 115hp. It’s also a shock because a diesel automobile is rare in the compact SUV phase and the only this sort of solutions are individuals with lowly AMT gearboxes. Even the Sonet’s cousin, the Hyundai Location, only delivers a guide with its 1.5-litre diesel. But what the Sonet doesn’t get is a guide possibility with the 1. turbo-petrol, and that could be a miss for purists. For this test generate, we had the opportunity to assessment three powertrain solutions – the 1. turbo-petrol DCT and iMT, and the 1.5 diesel automobile.

What is the Kia Sonet diesel automobile like?

Interestingly, the diesel is the similar powertrain that does obligation in the Seltos, placing out an similar 115hp and 250Nm. The diesel guide gets the fixed-geometry-turbo engine (instead of the variable-geometry device on the automobile) and places out a reduced 100hp and 240Nm of torque.

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The Sonet diesel-AT’s engine can make 15hp and 10Nm more than the diesel-MT’s device.

The 115hp engine is an complete gem. Refinement is leading notch, and sounds and vibrations are muted. At large revs it does get a bit gruff, but by no means truly sounds harsh or thrashy. Performance, far too, is fantastic, with quite tiny turbo lag, and after you get past the two,000rpm mark, there is a phase up in energy supply. From then on, you get a satisfyingly seamless surge of energy up to 4,200rpm, at which issue the gearbox will upshift even in guide mode.

What is great is that the automobile ‘box is truly quite effectively matched to the wide torque unfold of the diesel powerplant, and in the Regular generate mode, it provides a quite intuitive generate experience. It rarely feels like it’s in the completely wrong gear and the vehicle does precisely what your suitable foot tells it to. Check out to adjust rate and it will do so smoothly place your foot down to overtake site visitors and the gearbox will fall just the suitable variety of cogs to give you adequate grunt, and, as anticipated of a torque convertor device, the energy comes in great and sleek.

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Smooth six-velocity torque convertor automated gels effectively with the 115hp diesel engine.

Activity mode, of class, does bring in a more aggressive sense, with the ’box keeping on to the reduced ratios a bit extended. But so useable and intuitive is the Regular mode that for daily driving and even some brief dashes, it will demonstrate to be adequate for most. There’s also an Eco mode, and below far too it impresses, as it turns out to be really useable and doesn’t throttle the engine in the desire of effectiveness.

How about the Kia Sonet turbo-petrol?

The 1.-litre turbo-petrol is shared with the Location, and though Hyundai delivers it with a guide, DCT or iMT, Kia only delivers the Sonet with the DCT and iMT. The engine places out the similar 120hp and 172Nm as the Location and the all-aluminium device is properly balanced, so you can rarely sense the regular thrum of a three-pot motor. Refinement is also quite great and it’s only when you rev it to the redline that it gets a bit vocal. The punchy midrange and the ease with which it builds energy can make it a fun generate, and though there are no paddle shifters like you get in the Location, there is a sequential function by using the gear lever, so lovers can have interaction with the gearbox and this feisty engine.

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The 120hp, three-cylinder 1.-litre turbo-petrol is really refined.

At sluggish speeds, however, you can excursion up the DCT, which isn’t as great as VW’s DSG – the benchmark for mass-quantity twin-clutch transmissions (which, ironically, VW discontinued in its mass-market cars and trucks). Like in most twin-clutch gearboxes, when you mash your foot down, there is a momentary hesitation followed by a burst of energy. Also, when you’re crawling in site visitors, the transmission feels a bit snatchy. All this serves to highlight how significantly smoother the diesel’s torque-converter transmission is. 

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For a sportier generate experience, choose for the twin-clutch automobile (earlier mentioned) more than the iMT.

The iMT is also a little something we bought a opportunity to experience and, as opposed to the DCT, it delivers you superior command more than shifts, as there is no software program and automated controls to next guess you. So, in principle, you can extract the 1. turbo’s utmost efficiency. Even so, the iMT gearbox does not like to be hurried, and if you stomp down on the throttle following a brief shift, the vehicle bogs down. This also confirmed up in our tests, where the iMT was markedly slower than the DCT. If its efficiency you’re following, then you’ll be superior off with the DCT. The iMT can make sense only if you want to have comprehensive command more than your shifts but without the need of the inconvenience of a clutch.

What is the Kia Sonet’s efficiency like?

The diesel automobile was the fastest. In a brief test, it did the dash to 100kph in just 11.48sec as opposed to the petrol DCT’s 12.25sec and thirteen.37sec for the iMT. The diesel was also in advance in the roll-on acceleration operates, registering eight.09sec from 40-100kph and six.29sec from 20-80kph. The petrol DCT posted a slower 9.10sec and seven.48sec for the similar 40-100kph and 20-80kph operates becoming autos, of class, both equally moments had been the final result of a sharp kick-down on the accelerator in comprehensive automobile driving. The iMT posted thirteen.55secfor 40-100kph in fourth gear and 11.19sec for 20-80kph in 3rd gear.

Kia Sonet efficiency (as tested)*
Sonet 1. Turbo iMT Sonet 1. Turbo DCT Sonet 1.5 Diesel AT
-20kph 1.48s 1.56s 1.17s
-40kph 3.27s 3.40s two.51s
-60kph six.12s 5.78s 4.70s
-80kph 9.38s eight.90s seven.78s
-100kph thirteen.37s 12.25s 11.48s
-120kph 19.87s 17.28s 15.76s
20-80kph 11.19s (in third gear) seven.48s (in kickdown) six.29s (in kickdown)
40-100kph thirteen.55s (in 4th gear) 9.10s (in kickdown) eight.09s (in kickdown)

*Performance figures not to Autocar India test standards


So it’s the diesel automobile powertrain that provides a smoother generate experience as effectively as superior efficiency who would have imagined? Insert to this a a bit superior claimed effectiveness – 19kpl for the diesel, 18.3kpl for the petrol DCT and 18.2kpl for the iMT – and the diesel is really evidently the superior pick.

There is the subject of charge, of class. Diesel autos can get dear, but with the petrol using pricey direct injection and twin-clutch gearbox technological innovation, the gap could not be all that significantly. In simple fact, on the whole, so great is the diesel automobile, we can not assistance but assume Hyundai has truly thrown away an fantastic hand by not providing the Location with the similar powertrain combination.

How is the Kia Sonet’s experience and managing?

Ride top quality on the diesel and petrol are both equally really comparable, the Sonet easily soaked up huge potholes with ease and the body fat, 215/sixty R16 tyres did a great work of smothering out our rain-ravaged roadways. The only adverse bit is, more than a several sharp ruts, you sense a thud, and it tends to heave you upwards when cresting velocity breakers.

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The experience is great and the suspension soaks up potholes with ease.

In conditions of managing, the diesel and petrol sense a bit distinctive. The diesel has a a bit heavier steering and is a bit more nose hefty. The petrol felt nicer to steer and turned into corners with a bit more agility. Equally cars and trucks sense properly planted and supply a wonderful diploma of assurance at large speeds, which can make them great extended-length cruisers. Total grip by corners is great, and human body roll is effectively contained. The steering sense on both equally is quite comparable – there isn’t significantly comments, but on the plus side, it is mild adequate in the town and has adequate fat at higher speeds. The mild controls, good all-spherical visibility, tight turning circle and compact dimensions make the Sonet quite urban-friendly and straightforward to slot into tight parking places.

The generate modes do alter the steering sense, even though the affect is small and only felt in Activity mode, with the steering firming up a bit. Exceptional to the phase, the Sonet also delivers traction modes (Snow, Mud and Sand). We couldn’t get spherical to tests these, but will definitely go by them in detail in our comprehensive-blown road test.

What is it like on the outside?

We have by now talked about the design and style and styling in our initially look, but to reiterate, the Sonet does look quite significantly like the principle showcased at the Vehicle Expo, other than for bits like the flush doorway handles and some trim bits that haven’t built it to production. And though Hyundai has long gone with a more radical fashion for the Location, Kia has opted for a more common but yet quite hanging approach.

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The styling just isn’t radical like the Venue’s, but it is quite hanging and gets noticed.

The entrance, of class, carries the signature Kia ‘Tiger Nose’ grille, which has a great knurled and chrome-concluded reduced edge, and on the GT Line, there are some neat pink accents far too. The headlights are slim LED units with the signature ‘heartbeat’ DRL mild design and style, and they sit atop a quite sharply lower bumper that houses the fog lights and a faux skid plate. Topping off the entrance, the bonnet has a great and refined energy bulge.

The side is where you’d assume there to be some similarity to the Location, but below far too Kia has long gone with a fully distinctive fashion. The doors are distinctive with a more rounded profile, and defining the Sonet’s silhouette is a C-pillar that seems swept back again, many thanks to the inset quarter glass and the black-out treatment method on the leading and reduced edges. The alloys are also really hanging and have a large amount of sharp cuts, even though to some they could appear off as a bit more than the leading.

article image

Rear bumper has faux exhausts, skid plate and diffuser.

At the rear, the integrated spoiler carriers the large-mounted stop mild and the tail-lights also have the ‘heart beat’ DRL signature, which extends neatly into a reflector device stretching suitable throughout the bootlid. A faux skid plate with an integrated faux diffuser and dummy exhausts spherical off the rear stop.

What is the Kia Sonet’s inside like?

In conditions of inside area, it’s no shock the Sonet is comparable to the Location, and that signifies area is not course main. Like with the Location, the rear seat is comparatively cramped and best for two not-far too-tall travellers. The rear seat itself is really cozy, with plush padding, even though thigh assist is a bit limited. Up entrance, it’s a distinctive tale. The entrance seats are big, effectively bolstered and ventilated which, in peak summer season, is a big plus.

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Ventilated entrance seats are exclusive in this phase and are really cozy.

In which the Sonet truly scores is with cabin top quality. The preference of resources made use of gives a top quality sense that is not just superior than rivals (the Location bundled), but also cars and trucks of a phase earlier mentioned. The richly textured dashboard leading, the chunky steering wheel with superbly crafted buttons, and the over-all tactile sense of all the switchgear are leading course. Personally, I’m not a fan of the central air-con vents’ look, but love the way they change with a good and damped sense. I’m also not a fan of the electronic instrument cluster and would have favored a traditional needle to display screen velocity, but I suppose it’s been created for the new ‘digital’ buyer.

article image

Rear seatback a tiny far too inclined and rear area is tighter than most in the course.

Getting centre phase in the cabin is the huge touchscreen (borrowed from the Seltos), which at 10.twenty five inches, is the largest in course. It’s sharp, straightforward to operate and delivers a break up screen function, letting you operate both equally Android Vehicle as effectively as some of the Sonet’s very own OS’s functions. 

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10.twenty five-inch touchscreen is wide adequate to supply break up-screen operation.

This brings us to the Sonet’s attribute checklist. With the amount of money on supply, it’s crystal clear the Korean carmaker is aiming to have the most comprehensive checklist. There are all of the anticipated bits, like automobile local climate command, a sunroof and wireless cell phone charging. But what truly sets the Sonet apart, other than the huge touchscreen, is a fantastic-sounding seven-speaker Bose audio process, a perfume dispenser, and an air purifier that Kia says gets rid of micro organism and viruses with UVC mild and a HEPA filter – just what the medical professional ordered in these COVID moments.

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The in-cabin air filtration process has a rear display screen far too, just like the Seltos.

Yet another remarkable attribute is the ‘Hello Kia’ voice command that lets you simply talk to the vehicle to established factors like AC temperature and reduced the windows, which is really handy at toll plazas. As with most voice assistants these times, you really do not have to understand a precise command, as the process recognises a several conversational phrases. Kia’s UVO connectivity is also existing, with operation supplied by using smartphone or smartwatch far too. In conditions of safety, the Sonet is effectively kitted out, providing 6 airbags, Ab muscles and ESC, Hill commence Aid Command, entrance and rear parking sensors and emergency braking warning.  

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Buttons drop easily to hand toggles and presses have a top quality sense to them.

Really should you obtain a Kia Sonet?

Rarely does a manufacturer discuss of targeted product sales volumes, rarer nevertheless for them to do so a couple of months just before the model’s true launch. But this sort of is the assurance Kia has in its latest item, it has revised the Sonet’s product sales focus on upwards from 70,000 units to 1,00,000, and that far too in the midst of a pandemic! So is the company’s religion effectively-placed?

Aside from the not-so-roomy back again seat, it’s hard to fault the Sonet. It’s fantastically styled with great proportions and plenty of hanging information, the interiors are quite effectively appointed, concluded to a large purchase and packed with features, quite a few of which are initially in course. It’s also easy and quite enjoyable to generate, and the diesel automobile overshadows the turbo-petrol in almost each way it’s completely fantastic. There are also other powertrain solutions to opt for from, relying on your spending budget.

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Anticipate a Rs six.5 to 11.9 lakh (ex-showroom) price tag tag for the Kia Sonet.

Of class, the pricing is a key issue in the Sonet’s best success, but following what we have viewed and driven, there is no doubt that Kia has a different winner on its palms.

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