March 2, 2024

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Building Cars, People First

Market First or Conformance First

The marketplace for electrical cars (EVs) is increasing as buyer desire for extra sustainable transportation drives next gen-mobility ahead. As the EV marketplace evolves, a host of new worries arise in tests and certifying the conformity of these technological expectations.

In this panel dialogue, automotive professionals from DEKRA, CharIN and Keysight Technologies focus on how to satisfy the new worries for the automotive and homologation approach, as nicely as methods for meeting marketplace requires and evolving electrical auto offer gear and EV expectations.

Obtain the panel dialogue to acquire an overview of:

  • The most significant EV expectations for carmakers and their condition of readiness to satisfy these expectations.
  • How to keep regulatory expectations for engineering when developing EVs.
  • Future measures for stopping EVs from currently being stranded in front of charging stations.


Markus Haller, Editor at WEKA FACHMEDIEN


Conquer Kreuter, Vice President Company Line Merchandise Protection Tests at DEKRA

Claas Bracklo, Chairman of the Board of the Altering Interface Initiative (CharIN)

Dr Christian Miesner, Automotive Disrict Supervisor EMEA at Keysight Technologies

Marvin Kroeger, Company Progress Supervisor at Keysight Technologies