Mini Cooper 6-Wheeled Pickup Truck Conversion Is Adorably Bonkers

Pickup trucks with 6 wheels can instill concern to unsuspecting lookers. They are huge, virtually

Pickup trucks with 6 wheels can instill concern to unsuspecting lookers. They are huge, virtually sinister, and really frankly, a car or truck with 6 wheels is an unconventional sight on public roads. Presently, there has been a quantity of 6-wheelers all-around, some of them are even 6×6, which will make the plan even a lot more terrifying.

Hennessey is one of those tuning providers who have perfected the plan of 6-wheeled trucks. Initially, the VelociRaptor 6×6, which is a Raptor with an additional axle at the again. The Texas-dependent organization then launched a Chevrolet counterpart, the Goliath. Aptly named and similarly terrifying. Then you have the Defender 6×6 truck from the U.K. and if you might be into motorhomes, Unimog has its possess 6×6 overlanding rig.

With these large rigs, we are going to inclined to guess that Mini Cooper isn’t on the record of probable automobiles that can be transformed into a 6-wheeled truck, right up until we noticed this:


Of course, it really is a 6-wheeled Mini Cooper that has been transformed into a pickup truck. Even though the plan is eyebrow-elevating, we can’t assist but fall in like with the genuine car or truck observed on this video clip. It can be adorable, as lovable as a button, and really, we experienced a tricky time recovering from the gushing we felt on looking at this Mini truck.

You will find not a lot specifics about the 6-wheeled Mini Cooper dependent on the video clip embedded previously mentioned. But dependent on the language spoken by the primary poster, it looks like this distinct construct is from the Center East. The video clip title also outlined that it really is a Mini 6×6, but we’re on the fence about that considering the fact that not all 6-wheeled automobiles are 6×6, and to have all the wheels running on these types of a smaller car or truck physique seems like an unachievable undertaking.

Even so, whoever has made this construct warrants an award, and our neighborhood tuners need to consider a trace at this insanity.