One-Off BMW 6 Series Bullshark Up For Sale Eight Years After Debut

Vilner may possibly not be between the most recognizable tuning companies in the planet but the Bulgarians have designed some rather intriguing jobs in the past. 1 of its most famous early builds was the BMW six Series Bullshark and this a person-off athletics coupe is now up for sale, a tiny much more than 8 yrs just after its unique debut.

Back in November 2013, Vilner unveiled the seriously modified six Series (E63 model era) with in depth revisions to the exterior and interior. How in depth, you may possibly ask? Simply set, the full vehicle was completely redesigned and only the roof and doors were saved inventory. It may possibly not be the prettiest coupe you have viewed, but you have to admit it unquestionably does not absence uniqueness.

Probably the much better news is that the 4.4-liter V8 underneath the hood is not inventory. Thanks to an AC Schnitzer exhaust method and a recalibrated engine administration program, the Bullshark generates 370 horsepower (272 kilowatts) and 385 pound-feet (522 Newton-meters) of torque. Thanks to the extra oomph, the coupe is capable of reaching sixty two miles for every hour (a hundred kilometers for every hour) in 5.4 seconds.

Vilner’s “greatest challenge” at the time, the Bullshark options many revisions within the cabin, also. There, M6 Coupe-sourced seats, a redesigned steering wheel, and new brown dials with blue rings are between the many tweaks performed to the interior. Virtually each individual surface is included with a blend of leather-based and Alcantara, together with the dashboard, middle console, and doorway panels.

We don’t know who was the unique owner of the automobile but it is currently up for sale in Bulgaria. The ad does not supply sufficient information for the existing issue, while it appears that the Bullshark has aged perfectly judging by the accessible images (unique push images hooked up underneath). If you are really fascinated in getting it, put together to expend €19,000, which is about $22,400 at the existing trade prices.