Spoiler Alert: Driving A Tesla With The Yoke Steering Wheel Sucks

It turns out the Tesla Yoke steering wheel in fact was not such a good strategy right after all. This stunning revelation was manufactured by the well-recognised superhero, Captain Clear.

If his conclusions weren’t good more than enough, a analyze conducted by Shopper Experiences confident is. And to get rid of any doubt from your brain, the analyze applied 10 test drivers and a Model S it ordered.

By now, you might be all in on the yoke. Tesla famously changed the steering wheel with the yoke, a sq. missing the leading half. In executing so, Tesla literally reinvented the wheel. It also gave the Teslarati one thing new to point at to show their brand’s superiority and rabidly defend right after it was criticized. Tesla also eliminated the indicator and windshield wiper stalks, replacing them with touch-sensitive buttons.

We called it quickly right after the first pictures were unveiled. Though it may perhaps seem to be extremely neat to have such a futuristic steering system, there is a good motive the wheel has been the default for so extended. Like the mousetrap, it is really a flawless design and style that has been with us for a lot more than one hundred years.