Summary of Honda Global CEO Inaugural Press Conference

TOKYO, Japan, April 23, 2021 — Honda Motor Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Toshihiro

Summary of Honda Global CEO Inaugural Press Conference

TOKYO, Japan, April 23, 2021 — Honda Motor Co., Ltd. President and Representative Director Toshihiro Mibe held an inaugural push meeting at 3:00 pm currently (Japan time).

Adhering to is a summary of his formal remarks:


Powered by Honda

Honda is a mobility firm that provides a large selection of solutions which, in full, helps make Honda the world’s premier energy device producer. Due to the fact its founding and as a result of our large array of energy models, Honda has constantly been contributing to the development of mobility and people’s everyday life by delivering the “power” which allows people today to take motion.


By turning into the “power” that supports people today who are seeking to do factors as a result of their have initiative, like these who are seeking to make changes to the modern society they reside in and other folks who attempt to boost the high quality of people’s everyday life, we will help people today expand their have probable.



What Honda would like to accomplish/route of our initiatives

Honda will perform comprehensively to tackle issues in the areas of the ecosystem and protection. At the very same time, for the future, Honda will attempt to direct enhancements which will be produced in the areas of mobility, the energy device, electricity and robotics.


Also, to have a organization footing in doing work toward our environmental and protection objectives, we will continue to be fully commited to make sure the attainment of our intention to “solidify our current businesses”.


  1. Environmental Initiatives


one-one. 3 initiatives in pursuit of “zero environmental impact”


Honda will attempt to know carbon neutrality for all solutions and corporate things to do Honda is involved in by 2050. Striving for “zero environmental impact” of not only our solutions but the overall products lifecycle like our corporate things to do, Honda will concentrate on the subsequent areas as the “three-pillars” of our initiatives:

Carbon neutrality

Clear electricity

Resource circulation


・ In addition to the electrification of our motorbike and automobile solutions, we will expand the selection of electrified solutions with our Honda Cellular Electrical power Pack swappable battery and expand utilization of renewable electricity by enabling infrastructure-linked smart energy operations.


・ For the even more growth of the use of renewable electricity, we will be proactive in selling the utilization of hydrogen. We will attempt to know a “multi-pathway of electricity,” which is a notion of employing a large assortment of electricity resources like carbon-neutral fuels, which will be effective in all areas, like exactly where electrification is tough, these as with aircraft.


・ Which include a lot more effective ways to reuse and recycle batteries, Honda is pursuing investigate on materials recycling and will take on the challenge of acquiring solutions produced from 100% sustainable products.


・ We also will continue to perform on the notion of Honda eMaaS as a result of which Honda will lead to the “freedom of mobility” and “expanded use of renewable energy” by connecting electrified mobility solutions and electricity service. Honda eMaaS will be steadily pursued even though concentrating on the subsequent a few core areas:

– Enlargement of the utilization of Cellular Electrical power Packs

– Utilization of big-potential batteries for electrified automobiles

– Software and implementation of gasoline mobile units.


one-2. Electrification of automobile solutions


In order to accomplish our carbon-absolutely free intention on a “tank-to-wheel” foundation, as the obligation of an automaker, Honda will attempt to raise the ratio of battery-electric powered automobiles (EVs) and gasoline mobile electric powered automobiles (FCVs) in all round device gross sales in all key marketplaces of electrification combined to 40% by 2030, to eighty% by 2035, and then to 100% globally by 2040. These are complicated targets, and to achieve them, we ought to set forth a collective energy of our overall value chain. Even so, we resolved to established superior objectives so that all of us share the eyesight of what we are seeking to accomplish and take on issues toward the realization of our objectives.


North The usa

・ In North The usa, we will attempt for an EV/FCV device gross sales ratio of 40% by 2030, eighty% by 2035 and 100% by 2040. Leveraging the alliance with GM as just one of our strategic pillars, we will pursue electrification in North The usa proficiently even though taking benefit of the respective strengths of both equally corporations


Honda and GM are jointly acquiring two big-sized EV designs employing GM’s Ultium batteries, and we are preparing to introduce these designs to the North American industry as product 12 months 2024 automobiles, just one from Honda model and the other from the Acura model.


Setting up from the second fifty percent of the 2020s, Honda will launch a sequence of new EV designs which undertake e:Architecture, a absolutely new EV system led by Honda. These EV designs will 1st be launched to the North American industry, and then to other areas of the world.



・ In China, we will attempt for an EV/FCV device gross sales ratio of 40% by 2030, eighty% by 2035 and 100% by 2040.


・ In China, we have been introducing EV designs even though employing local methods, and we will even more accelerate this approach from listed here forward. We will introduce ten Honda-model EV designs in 5 decades. As the 1st of the ten designs, the mass-manufacturing product based mostly on the Honda SUV e:prototype is scheduled to go on sale in spring 2022.


・ We will even more pursue the utilization of local methods, which features strengthening our collaboration with CATL for the offer of batteries, which are core components for electrified automobiles.


・ In Japan, we will attempt for an EV/FCV device gross sales ratio of twenty% by 2030, eighty% by 2035 and 100% by 2040. Also, like hybrid-electric powered automobiles, we will attempt to electrify 100% of our automobile device gross sales in Japan by 2030.


・ Which include the 1st introduction of an EV product in the K-car phase in 2024, we will continue making progress in the electrification of our mini-automobiles with both equally hybrid and EV designs.


・ For the procurement of batteries, we will attempt to know a “local manufacturing and local procurement” approach in Japan, which also will lead to the expansion of domestic industries in Japan.


・ In the area of mobility providers (MaaS), we are aiming to introduce the Cruise Origin, an electric powered self-driving vehicle Honda is now acquiring jointly with GM and Cruise, in the Japanese MaaS industry in the mid-2020s. With this aim, we will be beginning progress for testing in Japan from this 12 months.


In order to protected the superior competitiveness of our EVs of the future, Honda is conducting unbiased investigate on all-reliable-condition batteries as the next era batteries which will know superior potential and reduced value. We will undertake the verification of manufacturing know-how employing a demonstration line, beginning this fiscal 12 months. We will start accelerating this investigate with an aim to make all-reliable-condition batteries available for our new designs to be launched in the second fifty percent of the 2020s.


Honda has a observe file of offering shoppers “creative movers,” solutions in Japan these as Odyssey and StepWGN that help build better everyday life for people today. This stance will not transform in the world of EVs. By combining electronic technologies with Honda’s current strengths, these as special creative imagination and authentic types, we will continue to include special value only Honda can offer to our EVs.



one-3. Electrification of motorbike solutions


Honda will attempt to direct the motorbike marketplace at the forefront of its environmental initiatives with an approach which will contain not only electrification but also the improvement of the gasoline efficiency of gasoline engines, utilization of biofuels and other techniques.


・ The critical to productive electrification of motorbike solutions is to take into account the battery, which is however high-priced, separately from the motorbike. In made countries, exactly where electrification is in robust demand by modern society, we will pursue electrification employing Cellular Electrical power Pack, concentrating on our B-to-B (business-to-business) and B-to-G (business-to-nationwide/local governments) shoppers.


・ For personalized-use shoppers, we ought to not only boost our products lineup but also make a big amount of battery-swapping stations available and make sure comfort to buyers by making them appropriate with EVs of other makers. To this conclusion, Honda has recognized a consortium with other motorbike OEMs in Japan and Europe, respectively, to produce know-how criteria for swappable batteries. Honda has a eyesight to expand Cellular Electrical power Pack programs past motorcycles to energy solutions and micro-mobility solutions. With this eyesight, we have begun demonstration testing in India employing “rickshaw” sort tricycle taxis.


・ To accommodate the numerous requires of our shoppers, in addition to introducing GYRO e: and GYRO Cover e: in the area of business-use bikes, scheduled for this 12 months, we are heading to introduce a few new EV designs in the area of personalized use, in courses with motor dimensions of beneath 50cc and beneath 125cc., by 2024. We also will introduce new solutions in the “FUN” area as well.



one-four. Gas mobile


Hydrogen is anticipated to be popularized as a renewable electricity source. Honda has a extensive history of exploring, acquiring and commercializing FC technologies.


Whilst continuing our collaboration with GM, Honda will attempt to cut down expenses and know a “hydrogen society” by growing our lineup of FCVs and also by employing FC units for a large selection of programs, like commercial trucks as well as both equally stationary and movable energy resources.


  1. Security Initiatives


Honda will attempt for zero targeted traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and vehicles globally by 2050. The key challenge we will encounter as we perform toward this intention is how to eradicate motorbike collision fatalities, primarily in emerging countries. As a firm that has both equally motorbike and automobile companies, we will continue to reinforce our investigate on protection technologies that empower motorcycles and vehicles to securely coexist and direct the way in noticing a collision-absolutely free modern society from the standpoint of both equally hardware and computer software.


・ Due to the fact several motorbike collision fatalities contain vehicles, we will attempt to utilize our omnidirectional ADAS (superior driver-assistance process) to all new automobile designs we introduce in made countries by 2030.


・ By leveraging the knowledge and know-how we have amassed as a result of investigate and progress of our Level 3 automated driving technologies, we will even more boost the intelligence of ADAS, which improves the proportion of collision designs protected by our ADAS.


・ Specifically in emerging countries, there are several collisions that can be prevented as a result of targeted traffic protection education and learning things to do and by approaching the issue from the standpoint of infrastructure and government guidelines. As a result, Honda will concentrate also on these areas like strengthening of instructional applications and government/marketplace relations things to do.



  1. Analysis & Advancement Initiatives


In order for Honda to hold making progress in its environmental and protection initiatives, it becomes vital for us to devote aggressively in the area of investigate and progress. As a result, irrespective of fluctuations in our gross sales profits, Honda will devote a full of approximately 5 trillion yen as R&D fees about the next six decades.


In the field of investigate and progress, like the process and capability for the progress of electronic technologies which requires to be even more strengthened, we will take needed steps, like alliances, as promptly as probable.


Also, we also will take proactive steps to make a robust value chain from the standpoint of electrification.


  1. Preparations for the future


I feel that the “unique features of Honda” are represented by the “value we derive by considering as a result of the really essence of things” and our “originality.” Honda is a firm with a group of people who have the robust drive to be authentic. We value people’s dreams and continue taking on issues toward formidable targets. In so performing, we want to be a firm that will constantly pursue the really essence of factors and originality.


As of very last fiscal 12 months, we enabled Honda R&D to concentrate on the investigate of superior technologies, and we are conducting investigate on leading-edge environmental and protection technologies for the realization of a modern society that aims for zero environmental impression and a collision-absolutely free modern society. Also, we are making progress with investigate on technologies which will expand mobility into the third and 4th proportions, into the skies, the ocean, outer area and the area of robotics. We will reinforce our authentic investigate of technologies by guaranteeing optimum allocation of methods into the area of superior and slicing-edge technologies.


Also, in order to actively build and provide new value for our shoppers, we have began the New Business Creation Plan exactly where the dreams and suggestions of Honda associates become the beginning stage of each challenge.



My hope is to listen to people today saying, “We are glad Honda exists” or “Honda will unquestionably do it.” Honda would like to continue to be a firm that people today want to exist. That is what we want to accomplish.


To this conclusion, we will build a business structure which has resilience in opposition to changes in our business ecosystem and speedily put into practice big-scale motion ideas. We will continue to perform aggressively, even though constantly inquiring ourselves what it usually means to keep the special features of Honda, which is to pursue the really essence of factors and to be authentic.





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