March 2, 2024

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Suzuki Mighty Boy With 440-HP V8 Is Not Your Typical Kei Car

Prospects are you have not listened to about a vehicle called the Suzuki Mighty Boy. The “utility” vehicle, which has a measly 600mm (around two ft) bed, was too small to haul everything, but it existed as a pickup variation of the Suzuki Cervo. The two the Cervo and the Mighty Boy were introduced in the ’80s and in good shape appropriate into the Kei vehicle classification of Japan.

Now, why have you never ever listened to of this vehicle? Effectively, which is mainly because it was only offered in Japan and two export marketplaces, Australia and Cyprus. In accordance to reviews, only less than 3,000 models were imported outdoors the Land of the Mounting Sunlight, but somewhere involving 300 to 400 models remain these days.

A person of which, although, is the a single you see in the video featured over. Positioned in Australia and frequented the 2021 Powercruise Perth, this is just not any other Mighty Boy unit that nevertheless exists these days.

Below the hood of this Kei vehicle is a 6.-liter V8 gas-injected engine. Operating on E85 gas, this small vehicle will make 440 horsepower (324 kilowatts) at the rear wheels, sent via a T400 gearbox. Now, the Mighty Boy only weighs around 1,212 lbs . (550 kilograms), which suggests it can be in the vicinity of as mild as the heaviest output touring bikes around.

Of take note, the primary Suzuki Mighty Boy was driven by a 543cc SOHC three-cylinder transversely mounted engine, with the most strong variation only earning 31 hp (23 kW) and 32 pound-ft (Newton-meters) of torque. That reported, the instance that you see below has eleven times the displacement as it experienced before. Mad.

For a vehicle of this size and excess weight, we you should not need to have to convey to you how ill this establish is – and how challenging the cutesy menace was to management, as found in the four-minute function embedded over.