March 2, 2024

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Building Cars, People First

The Germans Are Invading China

China is dependable for more than thirty% of new automobile gross sales globally and has been the biggest marketplace for new cars and trucks because 2009.

If you break the figures down additional, it helps make even more perception. Very last year Mercedes sold 275,000 cars and trucks in the United states and 286,000 in Germany. Even with the ongoing pandemic, Mercedes-Benz’s expansion spiked by 12% in China. It sold a history 774,000 cars and trucks. The Chinese are specially fond of the new A-Course Sedan.

All around eighty% of the cars and trucks Merc sold in China were also designed there. Beijing Benz Automotive is a joint enterprise among Mercedes and Chinese company BAIC. It currently builds the A-Course, C-Course, E-Course, EQC, GLA, GLB, and GLC. This plant is dependable for numerous China-only designs with a specific array of options one of a kind to the marketplace. Mercedes-Benz lately unveiled a long-wheelbase version of the C-Course, for instance. The all-new EQB, destined for introduction in the United states next year, will also be constructed in China.