June 22, 2024

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Building Cars, People First

‘Think of your dash cam as a witness helping your cause’

Under no circumstances believed it’d occur to this, but I reckon it’s time each motorist diligently contemplates putting in an equaliser (aka a sprint cam or other audio visible device) inside the car wanting at other motorists.

I’m not chatting about new and pointless Authorities laws forcing us to do this. Instead, I counsel we celebrate the state-of-the-art and economical evidence-gathering tech out there to us. For the superior fellas – that’s the frustrating bulk of us – we have small to get worried about as these types of cameras can and do aid shield us and our cars (criminals loathe cameras).

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Also, we ought to try to remember that if sprint, head or entire body cams are suitable for rising numbers of public transportation auto motorists moreover riders of two-wheeled machines, then they’re equally correct for motor car occupants, truckers, van motorists, cabbies, and all of us on the streets (or in car parks in which several insignificant incidents come about).

Let’s have a degree participating in area by reminding ourselves that if other road users desire to level their lenses at car motorists, we can return the compliment. What could be fairer and extra democratic? Yup, I’m calling for a ‘cams-for-all’ on our streets. The authorized/justice technique would be increased, as the accused might have extra stages of video footage evidence than their accuser. Nonetheless not convinced? Then think of your equalising sprint cam extra as a lawfully recognised, impartial witness capable of encouraging your trigger, fairly than an evil spying device out to harm it.

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Digital camera tech has as a result far been utilised generally as a weapon to attack and prosecute us. So let’s equalise issues by working with it as an productive kind of defence, way too. It’s a perversion of the system of justice that motorists are likely to be ‘guilty until finally proven innocent’ these days. This injustice will not adjust except if and until finally we present video evidence that extra proficiently illustrates and proves our aspect of the story.  

If a citizen commits a harmful illegal act on a pavement or any other public area, it’s wholly satisfactory that footage is utilised to discover the suspect and deal with them by way of the right law enforcement processes. The exact goes for suspects in or in the vicinity of trains, railway stations and airports. So why ought to riders or motorists sat upon or inside non-motorised or motorised two or 4-wheeled cars be the exception to the rule? As a regular rider, car user and commercial auto driver, I say we shouldn’t.

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