This Is Why The Koenigsegg Gemera Doesn’t Have A V8

“The a few-cylinder Freevalve principle was some thing I experienced in the back again of my intellect, dreaming about for like ten yrs-to have this tremendous compact, renewable-gasoline-capable small monster of an motor that can exchange substantially even larger engines,” von Koenigsegg stated. At the start off of the Gemera’s advancement, the prepare was to use a obviously-aspirated V8 with hybrid electrification. But Koenigsegg identified that getting rid of the turbochargers experienced “pretty small influence on emissions” for the reason that “you really don’t have the turbos cooling down the exhaust gases ahead of the catalytic converters.” So far, Koenigsegg has not created a V8 with Freevalve as von Koenigsegg sees the V8 as a “dependable entity” but stated the probability of engineering a camless V8 is “usually lurking about the corner.”

Fitting a V8 into the 4-seat Gemera also posed difficulties as it would have minimized the interior place. offered difficulties in the 4-seat Gemera. “We were being battling to make it work, only to land back again at the a few-cylinder concept,” stated von Koenigsegg. “We started off packaging it, and every thing started off to drop into spot. Then we definitely started off pushing for the advancement of that motor, and of program, we were being performing it predominantly for the Gemera, but we now also see other prospects for this motor.”