February 22, 2024

Didcot Gateway

Building Cars, People First

This lightweight security barrier can stop a 7.5-ton truck

Stability barriers come in all designs and dimensions. Some are complicated and designed out of metallic that can prevent a tank in its tracks, and some are just easy cones utilised to immediate the movement of site visitors. Mifram Protection required the portability of the orange cone with the halting electrical power of a metal barrier, so it designed the MVB-3X. Weighing in at 53 pounds for every device, the MVB-3X is capable of stopping a 7.5-ton truck. The lightweight barrier can join to other units to enhance the total length. The barriers by themselves are foldable and need no instruments to deploy them. A solitary individual can roll these boundaries out and put in them, and with the support of a lever, the MVB-3X can even be opened to allow vehicles as a result of when wanted.  

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