April 24, 2024

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Toyota Supra Puts Down 2,033 HP At The Wheels In Dyno Test

Today’s Toyota Supra began lifestyle 40 many years in the past in the late 1970s as the Celica Supra. It would not drop Celica from its identify until eventually 1986, offering us the Supra a great deal of the globe understands today. It took an 18-calendar year hiatus setting up in mid-2002 in advance of returning for the 2020 product calendar year. These 18 many years solidified the Supra’s now legendary standing, offering enthusiasts, enthusiasts, and tuners just about two many years to toy with the automobiles Toyota developed. Which is led to some wild aftermarket builds and tunes, and the hottest 1 we identified is just as crazy.

The Toyota Supra in the movie earlier mentioned, sitting down on a dyno, is far from stock. It has a host of updates that lets it to generate 2,033 horsepower (1,516 kilowatts) and 1,303 pound-ft (1,766 Newton-meters) of torque at the wheels. Which is not even the crank horsepower and torque ranking. Parasitic decline saps about fifteen percent of the ability from the motor to the wheels. Some back again-of-the-napkin math claims the Supra’s tuned motor could be creating about 2,390 hp (1,782 kW) and 1,535 lb-ft (2,081 Nm) of torque.

And boy, is it tuned. A complete rundown of updates is not delivered, but there is a common checklist hiding in the video’s description that claims the Supra has a “built” 3.-liter 2JZ inline-6 iron-block motor by EKanooRacing that pairs with a PPG sequential gearbox. It has Motec’s M150 motor management technique and an upgraded turbocharger from Precision Turbo, which you just can’t overlook in the Supra’s motor bay.

This is a construct that is taken to the extraordinary. Cranking out above 2,000 horsepower is a ton for any vehicle, permit by yourself 1 probably sold in advance of the Y2K bug entered the lexicon. The Supra in the movie earlier mentioned is just a further illustration of how powerful you can make these older athletics automobiles, though, with deep adequate pockets, just about nearly anything is achievable.