June 22, 2024

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Toyota Unveils New Prius | Edmunds


The current fourth-generation Toyota Prius has been around since 2016, and time hasn’t been kind to the Big T’s venerable hybrid. It was decent enough when it debuted, but a number of newer fuel-sippers have relegated it to dead last in our ranking of best hybrids. And when you consider new versions of the Accord Hybrid, Civic Hybrid and Kia Niro Hybrid are on the way, the Prius’ competitive edge (to the extent that it even has one) shrinks even further.

Today, Toyota pulled the wraps off a new Prius, and we only have one thing to say.

Gimme. Now.

The new fifth-generation Prius eschews the conservative designs of older models, going off in a direction that boldly differentiates it from other Toyotas. In fact, it really only shares the full-width taillight and downward-sloping crease on the rear bumper with the Mirai hydrogen vehicle; all other design cues seem to originate on this new Prius.

Things are a little more familiar on the inside. The steering wheel and instrument panel (now in front of the driver, where it belongs) are borrowed from the bZ4X electric SUV, while the center stack appears to be an evolution of the design found on the RAV4 and Camry.\

Stay tuned to this space as Toyota reveals more information about the new Prius. A full reveal is expected at this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show.