Trends and Directions around 5G C-V2X

Vehicles are becoming increasingly connected and autonomous and can communicate with each other in what is called the vehicle-to-vehicle (V-2-V) model as well as with its surroundings via vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology.

Join panellists from 5GAA, OmniAir, Qualcomm, and Keysight Technologies as they share their perspectives on 5G and cellular V2X test insights.

Download the panel discussion to gain an overview of:

  • V-2-V communication, specifically the ability of vehicles to communicate with its surroundings such as traffic lights or smartphones, and why it is important.
  • Why automotive companies are choosing to use C-V2X technology and not Wi-Fi 6 or short-range technology.


Markus Haller, Editor at WEKA FACHMEDIEN


Jason Conley, Executive Director at OmniAir Consortium

Maxime Flament, Chief Technology Officer at 5GAA

Jim Misener, Senior Director, Product Management – Global V2X Ecosyetm Lead, Qualcomm

Bill McKinley, Automotive Strategic Planner at Keysight Technologies