Weekly Treasure: The Only Wagon Lexus Ever Made

The CrossSport’s cool styling combined with RWD, an excellent chassis, and wonderful engine made it an instant hit with the enthusiast wagon crowd. The sedan continued to win over buyers as well, especially those who understood its JDM foundation. Never before had Lexus seriously attempted to challenge the likes of the BMW 3 Series, which had a wagon variant of its own at the time. The IS didn’t make a serious dent in 3 Series sales, but it proved Lexus had begun to get a better reading of the US market and the enthusiast driving community.

Interestingly, both IS body styles were officially listed as a subcompact sedan/wagon in the US despite there being sufficient interior volume to be classified as a compact. The EPA made its decision based on the rear seat’s subcompact class interior dimensions. Crash test results were also excellent with a maximum five-star rating.