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2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupe India review, test drive

What particularly is the Porsche Cayenne Coupe?

The new Porsche Cayenne Coupe, as the name indicates, is a swoopier, very low-roof variation of the standard Cayenne. Related to the BMW X6 or the Mercedes GLE Coupe, this more desirable looking variation of the Cayenne attributes a tighter-fitting roof, broader haunches and, from some angles, a glimpse that vaguely resembles the nose and profile of a 911. Whilst several locate SUV-coupes to be frivolous, and they may perhaps have a point, there’s no denying Porsche at least has its sportscar heritage and DNA to draw on. So, is the Coupe worth forking out further for? The essential Cayenne Coupe expenditures Rs one.31 crore, as against the standard Cayenne’s Rs one.20 crore.

What does the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe glimpse like?

There is no denying, the coupe appears to be various situations sportier than the standard Cayenne. Porsche designers have accomplished a great position in melting absent a great deal of the visible bulk, and that block-like profile on the typical Cayenne that typically jars, that’s long gone also. Also, in contrast to some of the competitiveness, the Cayenne Coupe hardly appears to be compelled or deliberate.

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Porsche has accomplished a great position generating the Cayenne Coupe’s rear layout glimpse organic and not compelled.


To reach this, Porsche has ‘slammed’ the roof by 20mm, the ‘A’ and ‘C’ pillars are now seriously raked, and then to accentuate the coupe-like outcome, the top of the roof is completed in dim color, visually lowering the roofline –smart. For the roof, you can either get a comprehensive carbon-fibre panel, which will save 21kg, or go in for a fixed panoramic glass roof.  

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The active spoiler spoiler can prolong by 135mm and instantly deploys when you cross 90kph.


At the edge of the roof, there’s a significant fixed spoiler, which is effective with an energetic spoiler housed at the base of the rear windscreen. Able of extending by 135mm, it’s deployed instantly when the SUV has crossed 90kph. There is, interestingly, no rear wiper.

Whilst the rear of the car is 18mm broader, there aren’t several adjustments in hardware in excess of the typical Cayenne. Porsche has retuned the 3-chamber air suspension to make the Coupe push in a sportier way, and some compact adjustments carried out on the sportier GTS steering procedure have been drafted in in this article also. The procedure has been made to supply increased frictional suggestions and excess weight in excess of before Cayennes, and the Coupe receives Porsche’s Electrical power Steering Plus that lessens guidance radically as speed rise.

What is the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe like to push? 

The 1st factor you observe is that, on its 3-chamber air suspension, the Cayenne Coupe rides like no car on 21-inch wheels has the appropriate to. There is no edgy shuffle, no bobbing, and no thud-thudding either. In point, in excess of our typical surfaces, the Coupe rides almost as perfectly as any luxurious SUV. Certainly, there is a trace of stiffness and some compact amount of money of motion is there, but that apart, consolation stages are so fantastic, the Coupe can go muster as typical day-to-day transport, and that’s crucial.

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The 21-inch wheels glimpse great and you should not hamper ride quality.


Choose Activity, this is a Porsche, get it on to an correct street and the Cayenne Coupe also, pretty immediately, telegraphs its intent to you by using the rim of the steering. Now a great deal more immediate, in contrast to before Cayennes of this technology, the steering is slack-no cost and only receives greater the more durable you push the Coupe. Limited entire body regulate guarantees course adjustments are managed by what feels like only compact movements, and then, as extensive as you are precise and deliberate into corners, the Coupe definitely does truly feel sporty and exciting, irrespective of the scales reading in excess of 2.one tonne. Porsche cannot entirely defy the laws of physics, and you do truly feel the mass when you sluggish down, speed up or make major directional adjustments, but all in all, the Cayenne now truly feel a bit more agile and prepared. Of study course, it assisted that our car has a steered rear axle, which plays an crucial portion when it comes to agility. And then since the four-wheel-push procedure basically runs in rear-wheel-push manner, you get a trace of oversteer on gravelly corners.

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The Cayenne Coupe feels sporty and exciting irrespective of it weighing 2.one tonnes.


The 340hp one-turbo V6 also has adequate energy when you are diving in and out of corners. The motor has a reasonably sporty exhaust observe, it spins freely and its -100kph time of six.0sec useless is fantastic ample also. It is just that this is a Porsche, and specially in a straight line, and from relaxation, you assume a bit more of a kick and a bit more drama. Odd factor is you simply cannot even decide for the Cayenne Coupe S that has 430hp. Having said that,the one-turbo motor is responsive, the gearbox features perfectly in traffic and driving is effortless. Want the motor have been a bit smoother although,and the gearbox could have been bit faster on the draw in Consolation and Activity also.

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three.-litre, V6 turbo-petrol generates 340hp.


The Cayenne Coupe also has an Off-street manner. Choose this and the SUV rises up on its air springs, furnishing you ample clearance to consider it off the overwhelmed route. Now all you have to do is consider treatment of individuals major 21-inch wheels. So, irrespective of at the rear of particularly sporty in how it drives, you can also entry sites only SUVs with loads of clearance can attain.

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Air-suspension provides sufficient ground clearance to go off-street.


What is the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe like on the inside?

With our emphasis on rear-seat consolation, does the 20mm reduced roofline signify diminished rear seat consolation? Not truly. Porsche has solved the problem by mounting the bench 30mm reduced, in contrast to the typical Cayenne. This does signify that you are sat a bit reduced and a bit more knees up, but what you also get is loads and loads of legroom, a beautifully reclined back again relaxation and even a extensive, comfortable seat. The fixed panoramic roof brightens up the cabin, as and when you have to have it, visibility out is not also compromised, and you also get smooth-close doors and electrical window blinds.

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The rear seat is mounted 30mm reduced than in the standard Cayenne, to counter the reduced roof-line.


If you are acquainted with the Cayenne and its superior-quality dash, the Coupe comes with no significant adjustments. The twelve.three-inchscreen continue to stands out as some thing exclusive, the instrument panel with the tachometer at the centre and the screens on either side appears to be correctly Porsche and with the 3-spoke steering completed in superior-gloss chrome, there are loads of details to stare at. I specifically like the significant bracket-like chrome vents, and the knurled details on the metallic buttons and switches that truly feel exclusive and this is also accurate of the aviation-inspired shiny black central console that is comprehensive of buttons that perform on capacitive touch.

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The superior-quality dashboard shares its layout and layout with the standard Cayenne. 


The hidden menus that pop up on the touchscreen when your finger nears it are, however, an pointless source of confusion, the stopwatch mounted on the top of the dash is continue to a head scratcher and you will have to have to obtain loads of USB C adapters for your telephones and devices. And for individuals of you who never pack gentle, make sure you recall thatthe 16 percent scaled-down,625-litre boot is not as significant as it should be on an SUV of this sizing.

Need to I obtain the new Porsche Cayenne Coupe?

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If you are looking for a sporty luxurious SUV, the Cayenne Coupe ticks a whole lot of boxes. Evidently sportier and more desirable looking than the block-like standard car, it is also just one of the very best-looking autos of its genre. It has the stance, there is a crystal clear bloodline to Porsche’s sportier autos obvious and then, impressively, the Coupe is not impractical either. Considerably from it, consolation stages on the inside are almost as fantastic, the car clearly feels more exclusive on the inside, quality stages are pretty superior and then despite the fact that the boot is a bit scaled-down, it is also reasonably realistic also. Then the ride is relaxed irrespective of the 21-inch wheels. and the Coupe also drives like a Porsche should. It is no 911, for sure, but you can unquestionably derive a truthful amount of money of driving enjoyment on a winding street or grime street. It does have to have a bit more grunt, and more general performance would be a great deal appreciated, but should you obtain the Coupe as an alternative of the typical Cayenne? Surely, if you want a bit more fashion and never intellect sacrificing a bit of practicality. 

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