February 23, 2024

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Custom Toyota Land Cruiser Mixes 80s Style With 90s Tech

In entrance, the rounded headlamps with a slim, blocky strip of silver trim surrounding them give the Wonder a nostalgic outdated-faculty allure, nonetheless it enjoys all the advancements that arrived with the 80 Series, these types of as the substitution of the rudimentary leaf springs with coil springs. The cabin was also a ton a lot more snug than right before.

For the possibility to push a Series 60 lookalike, the corporation will charge in the region of 3.3 million yen. At existing prices, that is equal to close to $32,400. That’s not low-priced, but contemplating that the Toyota Land Cruiser will shortly depart the US marketplace, and how sound the 80 Series still is, it truly is a lot more captivating than at any time and could turn into very a collector’s product.