July 20, 2024

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Lexus IS Reviews | Overview

Lexus IS Reviews | Overview

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Inspite of the sliding customer fascination of sedans in Australia, Lexus has caught to its guns by bringing its new, fourth-generation IS mid-sized passenger automobile to sector, continuing a operate that very first begun in 1999 when the very first-gen IS arrived to acquire on the likes of the BMW three Collection and Mercedes-Benz C-Course.


Twenty a long time later on, the fascination in sedans may perhaps not be the exact same however Lexus’ dedication to the sector stays clear with the IS joining the ES and LS in the brand’s sedan line-up.


Lexus has promised improved technologies, dynamics and styling in the new IS, so we took the IS300 F Sport ($70,000 furthermore on-streets) out to see how significantly its new-generation contender has come.

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