April 24, 2024

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This 2000 Ford Ranger Has A Secret Pictures Can’t Reveal

As we all know, present-day Ford Ranger is not electrified. It really is purely inside combustion and the latest technology is very likely to keep that way. Prospects are it’s going to be the Ford F-150 obtaining the electrification treatment method initially. But if you nevertheless have your coronary heart set on owning a entirely electrical Ranger and aren’t ready to wait a several far more yrs, then this could be an fascinating solution. Up for sale on eBay in Austin, Texas is this 2000 model calendar year Ranger EV.

From the outside, it appears to be like a typical old school Ranger, but beneath the hood it really is just about anything but. Some of you may remember that again at the transform of the century, Ford created an electrical Ranger powered by direct-acid batteries and, later on, metallic nickel-hydride. Creation lasted from 1998 by 2002 and all models were created in (quite properly) Edison, New Jersey.